For the first time in the four year history of Volleyfest at Manly fans will be given a FREE viewing area due to overwhelming demand for tickets. 

The World Tour Finals this weekend have been a complete sell out for weeks. The stadium holds just under 1500 people at any given time, and typically facilitates over 6000 spectators per day during Volleyfest weekends.

With that organisers decided it was best that for the first time NOT to enclose the stadium and will retain the Manly promenade as an open free viewing area for spectators.

In addition as an added bonus for fans a Volleyfest Live site just north of the centre court with live streaming big screen coverage for the first time.

For manly visitors and locals a chance to enjoy the Finals of the FIVB World Tour this weekend for free.

These two initiatives will allow an additional 800 people at any time to spectate the finals and over 5000 more spectators to enjoy Volleyfest over the weekend at Manly Beach.

Tournament director Baz Wedmaier added “The addition of a live site for the first time in our sports history in Australia is very exciting and is in line with the best events worldwide.”

Volleyfest will also release additional standing tickets for sale inside the stadium for access to beverage and uninterrupted viewing. Plus an additional quota of seats each day to the Hancock Prospecting VIP Marquee, a fully catered superstructure to the northern end of centre court.

These decisions reflect the dramatic growth of Volleyfest and the overwhelming support of local residents and visiting beach volleyball enthusiasts as the event continues to grow year on year and establishing itself as a premier beach sporting event in Australia.

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